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  • Biography

    Career Philosophy

    A colourful and vibrant spirit, Amal Serhan explores textures, shapes and movements through visual stimulation. Her creative impulse arises from exploring nature in evocative colours. Inspired by the musical strokes of Van Gogh’s paintings and Monet’s masterpieces, Amal’s techniques and tools vary as her storytelling changes.

    Amal’s creations are the result of fluctuating emotions; expressions of confidence and doubt. Her challenges are trailed on her canvases expressed in the form of Fine Arts. Amal’s work is made to arouse the consciousness into the exploration of what is visually perceived. It allows for questioning and challenging norms.

    “The world needs Art, we need painting, we need the balance it offers to our lives. I can’t find anything more satisfying than a thick coat of paint blended with another colour, leaving its mark on a white canvas. This in itself, creates infinite routes to take next”.


    Amal is a Jordanian artist currently based in Dubai. Graduated in 2009 with Bachelors of Arts, she studied under the patronage of her Royal Highness Dr Wijdan Ali of Jordan at the Jordanian University. Amal has participated in numerous exhibitions in Jordan and was invited to represent her country in workshops and symposiums around the region.

  • major art participations

    Anantara Hotel Women's Peak Summit (May 2016) Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Media One Hotel Solo Exhibition (March 2016) Dubai, UAE

    The First & Third Arab Forum For Fine Arts (April 2012/ 2014) ­ Kenitra, Morocco

    Autumn Festival for the First Jordanian Visual Creativity Of Young Artists (December 2012 ) ­Amman, Jordan

    First Spring Art Symposium (September 2012) ­ Amman, Jordan

    First Arab Forum for Fine Arts (April 2012) ­ Amman, Jordan

    Souq Fann (April 2012) ­ Amman, Jordan

    Green Art Project (August 2010) ­ Amman, Jordan

    Orient Gallery (August 2009) ­ Amman, Jordan

  • Amal serhan fine art school

    Amal offers Art classes for all age groups. She believes in proper quality education in Fine Arts and hopes to have every student of hers realise their full creative abilities.

    children's art education

    Art education for children is extremely important. It creates a generation aware of their creative responsibilities, children that will grow up to be compassionate, focused and driven. It allows them to understand that there are a lot of dimensions beyond the surface, that quite a lot of patience and persistence go into an accomplished job.